Milling Services

Material Sampling Technologies has a comprehensive milling process. The milling process includes grinding, screening, and blending. Ball mills have capacities of up to 6,000 lbs/day.  The ball mill process will bring the grindable material to a fine powder state commonly referred to as "fines" or "sweeps".  All oversized fractions are screened out and sent to melt. Fines will then be blended for final sampling. 


MST has multiple blenders of various capacities.  A representative sample will be taken of the blended fines and sent to the lab after it has been prepped to industry standards.  If the material is received in a form of prepared fines, it will go directly to the blending operation.


Material Types Processed

• IC-Ceramic
• Sweeps/Powders
• Slag
• Crucible Scrap
• Refractory
• Bead Blast